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Who we are

Our Story .

Degree of Freedom is an architecturally oriented, flexible, and international structural engineering firm with offices in Oslo, Valencia, and Athens. Our engineers have proudly participated in some of the most prestigious and innovative international projects, and our aim is to be the best in our field.

We are specialists in civil and structural engineering. Our core disciplines are signature bridge design, timber construction, and complex geometry and assembly.

We prioritize projects of architectural and social importance where sustainable solutions are central.

We participate in all stages of a project, from an early concept stage all the way through to carrying out production models and following up the construction stage.

What we do

Our Services .

Building Structures

We are experts in structural engineering, and we offer technical consultancy services at all stages of a project. Our structural solutions employ traditional materials like steel, reinforced concrete and wood as well as less conventional materials such as glass, membranes and composites.

Our expertise includes structural engineering of architectural, complex, and tall buildings, including rehabilitation and reuse.


Our engineers are proficiently skilled in bridges. We design traditional bridges made of steel, concrete, timber, or a combination of all such materials. Our professional experience also qualifies us to work on more sophisticated structures with an architectural focus, as well as on urban bridges where city landscapes determine the aesthetics of the design. Our engineers are highly competent in designing floating or movable bridges too.

Maintenance and Inspection

Good maintenance plans and well-designed inspection campaigns of existing structures are important to guarantee their functionality over the course of their lifespan. Our technicians have made many inspections in historical bridges or old building structures. After evaluation, we offer informed assessment to our clients regarding potential pathologies common in old structures made of  masonry, steel, reinforced concrete or timber.


Rehabilitation of old structures and renovation of public infrastructures are key parts of today’s sustainability approach that lead to the restoration of constructions or parts of them.

We have been awarded or have had the chance to participate in many contracts for the renovation of existing railways, roads and large public or private buildings. Our highly accomplished engineers’ expertise in the field provide us with the credentials to offer our services in developing such kinds of projects.

Site Management and Technical Assistance

We have substantial experience in the design, planning and supervision of erection procedures of large structures that require untraditional and innovative solutions. Many of those have been constructed in an urban and trafficked surrounding, with limited access. We offer site assistance services to contractors seeking to optimize the structures that have been awarded or to simply resolve site problems they have encountered.

We have for long been involved in developing site management contracts with public authorities, especially in the field of railway and road projects.

BIM and Fabrication Models

All our services are BIM-based. We use BIM as the main coordination tool. From the scanned or topographical input to the final stages of any detailed project, everything is produced in the BIM environment. When required, remaining documents such as drawings are produced and based on the BIM models, if the project is not entirely constructed based on our BIM (drawing-free projects).

What defines us

Our Values .

We are driven by our values and innovative approaches in search of perfect solutions and outstanding results.


Our organization is characterized by a diversity of cultures, languages and experiences, and that is what makes us stronger. We have offices in Oslo, Valencia and Athens, and we transgress borders both physically and intellectually.

Scandinavian Mindset

Our employees have flexible working hours that allow them to balance their professional and personal lives. Our organization is governed by horizontal structures of experts who work under the principles of equality and an ethics of trust. All of this is carried out in a relaxed and open-minded working environment.

Sustainable Growth

We make sustainable and profitable growth possible, capitalizing on the opportunities that our markets provide. Our goal is to continue diminishing our environmental impact and develop skills towards sustainable solutions. We also prioritize cooperation with partners and clients that focus on sustainability.


We are committed to our customers’ success and therefore we ask our employees to continue expanding their knowledge and perfecting their skills. We prioritize innovative projects through which we can learn and to which we can contribute additional value, always with the aim of creating sustainable impact (rather than short-term gain).