Project Information

Degree of Freedom was contracted by HENT as structural engineers for the preliminary and detailed design of a new kindergarten and housing for the municipality of Lørenskog. The project has a clear focus on shared use, efficient use of space and the environment, and was built in timber as a passive house building with extensive use of solar panels and heat pumps. The building was environmentally certified as BREEAM-NOR Excellent.


Lørenskog, Norway


Municipality of Lørenskog / HENT




AFRY / In By

Project period

2018 - 2019


Approx. 5500m2



Project type

Housing / Kindergarten
Photos: Hent

Project Description

The project has been carried out for the municipality of Lørenskog and is a world-class energy-saving and environmental project. The building consists of six kindergarten rooms and thirty care home apartments.

The structural bearing system is in CLT with some areas supported by glulam portal frames. Foundations and the basement parking are in-situ reinforced concrete.

The building is designed to the Passive House standard which ensures extremely low heating needs. It is also supplied with a highly efficient heat pump that collects energy from the ground via geo-wells in the rock. The nursing homes and the kindergarten are designed for optimal thermal comfort, where both underfloor heating and floor cooling will take care of the thermal indoor environment for the building’s users.

The kindergarten is ventilated with a hybrid ventilation system with the use of automatically openable windows that supplement the mechanical ventilation system when the climatic conditions allow it. In this way, energy consumption for ventilation is significantly reduced.

In addition to 1000 m² of high-efficiency solar panels, approx. 100m² of innovative hybrid solar panels (PVT) have been installed that produce both electricity and hot water. All this makes the building a so-called plus house that is designed to produce 20% more energy than it consumes in one year. The construction period has been completed with a fossil-free construction site and the building has achieved the BREEAM Excellent certification.

Service Provided

Structural engineering during preliminary and detailed design. Timber production model LOD400, according with supplier requirements. Technical assistance during construction.

Photos: Tiveta