The Management of Degree of Freedom formally expresses with this statement, the quality policy established for this organization, in accordance with the established criteria of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, in addition to all the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to customer service and in projects. Additional requirements that other interested parties may provide will also be considered.

Degree of Freedom is an international civil and structural engineering practice with offices in Oslo, Valencia and Athens. We design infrastructures and buildings, with a focus on bridges and special structures, in timber, steel, and concrete. Our services also include site assistance during the construction period.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following aspects and thus the Directors have committed to:

  • Enforce the required legislation and regulations, applying legal compliance to the activities that the company develops and the requirements of our clients, even beyond the legal minimums that are economically and technically feasible.
  • Establish the necessary means to explain to its employees the content of the Policy, indicators and objectives of the company and ensure their involvement in the fulfillment of the objectives and goals set.
  • Consider management aspects as an integral part of the planning process, periodically establishing indicators, objectives and goals that guarantee compliance with policy requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.
  • Compliance with the requirements will be verified periodically, based on clear indicators, which will be known by the organization’s employees, providing the reference framework to establish and annually review the management objectives.
  • Maintain the current team and integrate new professionals who join Degree of Freedom Engineers in the Quality and Environment philosophy implemented in the company.
  • Constant improvement must be present in all processes, developing corrective and actions for improvement necessary to avoid the reappearance of internal and external problems.
  • Minimizing our environmental impact and preventing pollution that may be generated by our activity, promoting environmental awareness to all employees on environmental issues related to their daily work.
  • Have all the necessary resources in all its projects, in order to prevent and minimize significant adverse effects for people, derived from our productive actions. To this end, the use of appropriate practices and technologies will be promoted.

The Management of Degree of Freedom extends this commitment to all employees, as well as those who act on behalf of Degree of Freedom, and communicates it to all interested parties, so that they fulfil the guidelines of this policy. The policy will be periodically reviewed in order to ensure that it is always appropriate to the activities of the organization.


Monday, 30 January 2023.