We provide consultancy services in the following fields:

Civil and structural engineering: concept, analysis and design at all stages
Contemporary and architecturally challenging buildings (towers, long-span roofs, public buildings, etc.)
Signature bridge design (suspension, cable-stayed, movable, arch, pedestrian, etc.)
Fabric and lightweight structures
Dynamics and seismic design
Optimisation and form-finding methods
Computer-aided design and manufacturing process

During several years working in challenging international projects we have a large network of consultants able to provide all range of technical services. We are able to create flexible work teams and provide to the client through our consolidate network the following consultancy services: Steel inspection and fabrication, cable stay technology, advanced geometric design and research, movable structures and design of mechanisms, building modelling (BIM), geotechnics, seismic design, wind engineering, fire engineering, material design, lighting and acoustics design, architecture, urbanism and infrastructure design, product design, fluid dynamics, lean construction, building physics, and audio visual technology and communication.
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