Location: Alcoy, Valencia, Spain | Client: City of Alcoy
Phase: Detailed design & site management during construction
Year: 2016
Design Team: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, INCIMED, DOF Engineers

The new Serelles Bridge links the new residential area of Serelles with the old city of Alcoy, in Spain. The bridge is 89m long and spans at a height of 30m over the Cint gorge. It in cludes 2 car lanes, sidewalk and a cycle path.

The proposed solution includes 40m of access roads and a bridge with a total length of 89.5m, divided into two spans. The main span of 58.5m length is a composite cross-section formed as reinforced concrete deck over steel truss, while the short span is 30.5m long and made of reinforced concrete. The width of the board at the top is 13m, with a gap of 6.5m between longitudinal beams (between top chords of trusses at main span). The sides are cantilevered 3.25m at main span and 2.75m at the short span, due to the increased width of the concrete girders.

The depth of the deck is 3,5m at the connection between main and short span, over the inclined central pier. The steel bottom chords, bracing between those and diagonals are made of steel pipes.

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