Location: Oslo, Norway | Client: Hille Melby Arkitekter AS / The City of Oslo
Phase: Conceptual design
Year: 2015
Design Team: Hille Melby Arkitekter, DOF Engineers

The superstructure consists in a continous trapezoidal steel box built with transverse ribs every 2,5m and orthotropic plate with coating and end plates that provide sufficient rigidity. 

Cross section height varies from 1000mm in the middle of the span to 2000mm over columns. Pillars under the bridge are cylindrical steel columns (diameter 700mm) attached to the cross-section steel box.

Abutments consist in reinforced concrete structures that transmit the loads from the steel bridge to the ground and stabilize the soil and the landing points. It has been assumed direct foundations for the abutments and the piers.

Regarding the finishes, the coating on the deck consists of a concrete slab 150mm thick at the center line and with 2.5% cross slope towards edge rails. The concrete slab must be provided with sufficient transverse joints to minimize shrinkage and creep effects.

Railings are generally 1.2m high, but increased to 2.0m over tram and train lines because of demands from Jernbaneverket and Sporveien. 

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