Location: Trondheim, Norway | Client: Statens vegvesen
Phase: Competition, shortlisted
Year: 2014
Design Team: Multiconsul, Knight architects, DOF Engineers

The new 4 span (20.38m, 22m, 22m and 17.48m) cycle and pedestrian bridge reuses the original stone pier and abutment structure of the existing bridge. It has a free width for pedestrian and cycle traffic of 7m.

A composite steel and concrete bridge deck is proposed- a 2m deep steel frame module for each span. A composite with a continous 300mm lightweight concrete top slab. The concrete slab also provides the finished bridge surface and will be laid to fall to the edge beams to allow for drainage. To aid erection 100mm precast concrete panels act as permanent formwork for 200mm in-situ concrete. The slab is supported by diagonal cross members (HUP 300x300 + ½IPE400) and longitudinal edge beams (UPE300). At the centre of the frame a cruciform strut, of variable cross section, transfers loads to the diagonal tension members-aq 300x30mm flat steel plate. 

The steel frame modules are designed to have shop-welded nodes with connecting straight members (of transportable length). 

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