Location: Folehaven, Copenhagen, Denmark | Client: City of Copenhagen
Phase: Competition (1 of 5 finalists)
Year: 2015
Design Team: Nuno Arkitektur, Holscher Nordberg, Marianne Levinsen Landskab, EKJ, Åf lighting, DOF Engineers

The new pedestrian and cycle bridge is intended to provide a north-south link crossing over Folehaven, in Copenhagen. The intention is also that the bridge will serve as a gate to the city centre.

The main crossing is a steel bridge with three spans, with lengths 12+40+12m. The bridge is curved in plan with an approximate radius of 200m that follows a natural path together with the approach ramps. 

The clear width of the bridge for the pedestrians shall be 5m and free height of 4.63m is guaranteed under the bridge for the 40m crossing over the road.

The main supporting structure consists on a steel truss 2,5m high on one side of the deck, formed by two longitudinal chords and a system of diagonals. On the same side, and connected to the truss, there is a torsional box and the truss. At the other side of the deck there is a smaller longitudinal box girder, connected to the torsional box by means of double T section acting as ribs that are placed every 4.0m.

There is an steel orthotropic deck spanning between the transversal ribs with a light surfacing layer on top (approximately 6mm thick) made of polyurethane coating with aggregates to provide corrosion protection, waterproofing, and skid resistance. 

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