Location: Mallorca, Spain | Client: Consell de Mallorca, Departament d´Urbanisme i Territori
Phase: Detailed design
Year: 2015
Design Team: INCIMED, DOF Engineers

The main structures included in this project are the following:

  • Two bridges curved in plan over the Ma-19 road

  • Walls for the accesses to the road Ma-19 and beside a railway line

The connection between the Ma-19 kilometric points 3+540 and 3+650 is solved by means of an elevated roundabout, and the connection of that roundabout with the highway is performed with 2 identical bridges curved in plan, with a radius 51.70m and a total length between abutements of 33.16m.

The bridges consist on a reinforced concrete slab with constant thickness equal to 900mm and a total width of 10.30m. There are two spans 16m long aproximately. The walls are designed as self-standing walls with heights varying from 2 to 10.50m.Other structures included in this project are:

  •  Frames below the road for the transverse drainage Pass over an existing underground gallery with historical value

  •  Acoustic panels

All the structures are designed in reinforced concrete.

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