Location: Oslo, Norway | Client: Entra
Phase: Competition (4 finalists)
Year: 2014-2015
Design Team: SAAHA, DOF Engineers, GETHER, Lala Tøyen, iARK, ARUP


DOF has been enthusiastically working with the design team of this competition in order to deliver a building that can become a modern icon of sustainability, efficiency and elegance at the center of Oslo. Our project was selected as one of the four finalists for the second stage in this international competition. 

the goals for the competition were to design a plus energy building, with an outstanding Breeam-Nor rating, with an exemplary cradle to cradle construction, following the environmental criteria of FutureBuilt, that guarantee a universal accessibility and demonstrate the economic feasibility. 

At the ground level, the Sunflower tower has a high degree of transparency and creates a welcoming environment. The footprint of the building response to the new plaza and pathways. Above ground level, the body of the building starts to turn and rises towards the sun. It is shaped and oriented to optimize the conditions for solar energy production and to minimize the shading of the immediate surroundings.

The structural system adopted for the Lilletorget 1 building seeks a highly rational use of steel, concrete and timber elements, assembled in an efficient way to resist the vertical and lateral loads. the primatry structural system for the 120m high tower will be a concrete core and upper outrigger and belt truss, forming a stiff header. The typical floors are solved with cross laminated timber panels that transfer the vertical loads via steel beams to the vertical circular hollow steel columns and the reinforced concrete cores.

The main goals of the structural system are the following:

  • Cost effective structural system

  • Optimize material quantities

  • Simplicity of construction

  • Minimize CO2 emission from material

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