Location: Drammen, Buskerund, Norway / Client: Multiconsult / Jernbaneverket
Phase: Under construction
Year: 2014-2015
Design Team: Multiconsult, DOF Engineers

The construction consists of an underpass below double rail tracks and two access ramps from Rødgata (north and south of tracks). The south ramp in Rødgata is about 91m long with a slope 1:20 while the north ramp is about 103m long and has the same slope 1:20. The free width of all the ramps is minimum 4m and for the underpass itself 5m. The free height inside the culvert is 3.1m. 

There are also two stairs located on the north and south sides of the rail tracks to access the underpass. The free width of the stairs is minimum 2.5m on the north side and 3m on the south side, and they require two landings each. The stairs run approximately parallel to the tracks.

The underpass is carried out with in-situ concrete, with waterproofed construction joints. Expansion joints are located in the ramps over the ground water level. 

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