Location: Steinberg, Buskerund, Norway / Client: Multiconsult / Jernbaneverket
Phase: Built
Year: 2014-2015
Design Team: Multiconsult, DOF Engineers

The new pedestrian bridge crosses over the railway tracks west of Steinberg train station. The main features of the design of this bridge are the functionality and the aesthetics given that it is a visible element in the landscape. One od the most important features requested by the client is that the bridge had to be easy to take down and reuse in another location in the future. This meant a challenge in the design since it had to be a permanent structure, but with a certain provisional character. 

The steel structure consists of five spans - a central span over the double rail tracks and four stair flights. Each span is simply supported at the columns via a site bolted connection. There are four intermediate pairs of support columns. Each support consists of a rigid frame in the transverse direction. The head of each column branches to support the stair landings. The supporting frame is made up of HUP sections. For the tapered column a HUP section is cut and welded. Each support structure is considered as single piece that can be shop welded, galvanised and then transported to the site. 

Both stairs and bridge are formed with 200mm wide HUP sections as edge beams with a 2300mm wide steel plate in between giving an overall width of 2.7 m. The horizontal deck plate is stiffened with ½ IPE sections whilst the stairs are formed from a continous bent plate. Each span is considered as single piece that can be shop welded, galvanised and then transported to the site. 


The parapet consists of steel posts, cut from IPE sections, at 1.075m centres. The posts are site bolted to the top of the edge beam and support both the Plexi-glass infill panels and the handrail.

The stairs and bridge deck are covered with timber decking. The steel plate slopes to allow for drainage to the joints at the supports. Illumination is integrated in the handrails.

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