Location: Ørebekk, Fredrikstad, Norway / Client: Multiconsult / Statens Vegvesen
Phase: Detailed design
Year: 2014
Design Team: Multiconsult, DOF Engineers

The construction consists of a pedestrian underpass below the new national road Rv110 between Simo and Ørebekk. The access to the underpass is provided by two ramps, located on the east side of the underpass, on both sides of the road. 

The ramp on the north east side of the road is about 70m long, while the ramp on the south east side is about 90m long. There are also stairs located on the west side of the culvert on both sides of the road.

All the construction is made of in-situ reinforced concrete, and it has been designed to prevent uplift forces and water leakage due to the ground water.  

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