Location: Al Ain, United Arab Emirates | Client: Al Ain City Council
Phase: Conceptual design
Year: 2015
Design Team:IPOGEA, Rabatanalab, I-Sky-Engineering, Danilo Loffreno, Dof Engineers

The hive becomes an integrative component of the current master plan "Ipogea", developed by the city of AL Ain. The study proposes trees rendering the area a more attractive natural setting.

Additionally we designed a pavilion which runs parallel to the highway limiting the spreed of the urban encroachment.

The pavilion becomes a venue for future exhibitions in a "nature-oriented" atmosphere. The pavilion is an hexagonal structure composed of aluminium ribs. The design takes its inspiration from the shapes of oases and beehives functioning as micro cities within the pavilion. Each hex consists of a carbon structure covered with a Kevlar fiber (woven with geometric patterns) adn a protective insulation layer

We keep the environment cool by piping system designed to cool both the interior and exterior with fine-mist water spray. To contribute to the interior comfort, the floor is suspended and ventilated. The structure is extremely light and designed to be easily mounted; each hex is autonomous from a structural point of view and is removable since it is bolted to the lightweight platform that supports it.

Images © Rabatanalab

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