Location: Flekkefjord, Norway | Client: Multiconsult / SVV
Phase: Study of Alternatives and Preliminary Design
Year: 2014
Design Team: Multiconsult, NUNO Arkitektur and DOF Engineers

DOF Engineers have participated in the preliminary project to design a new road and pedestrian bridge in Flekkefjord that will replace the existing movable bridge, facilitating the river crossing for the traffic along the road Fv.44 and improving the safety for the pedestrians.

The aesthetics, technical and functional qualities of the new bridge have received wide support from the authorities and from the future users, and it is an example of an elegant urban bridge integrated within a dense, urban environment. The final bridge is a three span, 41m long bridge, made with a steel deck, with double box girders, transverse ribs and an upper orthotropic deck.  The intermediate columns are V shaped slender steel supports, that will provide an especial character to the construction.

 Images © Nuno Arkitektur / Multiconsult / DOF Engineers

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