Location: Oslo, Norway | Client: Oslo Kommune
Phase: Conceptual design
Year: 2014
Design Team: Saaha, Landskapsfabrikken, DOF Engineers

The new pedestrian and cycle bridge crosses from Frystikkbakken over Jernbaneveien and over the railway tracks to the west side of Alna elva.  The main characteristic of the footbridge is a distinctive Y shape in plan view.

The main crossing is a continuous steel bridge with two spans of 28 and 35m running from Frystikkbakken to the west part of the railways tracks. The northern ramp provides access to the bridge from the highest point of Jernbaneveien and consists in a three span steel bridge with a total length of approximately 90m. The helical ramp and the stairs that provide access from the west river bank to the bridge at its lowest point. 

The deck is a continuous steel girder formed by the 650 mm diameter main steel tube, an orthotropic steel plate that supports the surfacing layer and two edge plates that provide stiffness to the deck. There are cantilevered ribs connecting the main tube with the upper plate every 3m approximately. The total depth of the structural section is about 900mm. 

Images © Saaha / DOF Engineers

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