Location: Asker, Norway | Client: Statens vegvesen / Multiconsult
Design Team: Multiconsult, Nuno Arkitektur, DOF Engineers

The E18 motorway goes straight through the town Asker and crosses above the railway station, affecting largely the urban plan of the town. The area is increasing its population year by year, and is already one of Norway’s most congested areas. In relation to the new road design done by Multiconsult, DOF Engineers take part in the conceptual design of different signature bridge alternatives for the railway crossing. The bridges are part of a fully integrated road/urban plan of the town of Asker. Various bridge alternatives have been proposed and the main idea is to provide a main iconic bridge that does not cut the town center in two. The two final bridge options presented are one arch bridge (with steel girder and span of approximately 90 meters) and one steel box girder bridge with a clean linear design perfectly integrated with the surrounding areas. The two options are deeply different, but both respond to the town’s needs.

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