Location: Madrid, Spain | Client: Real Madrid 
Phase: Competition (1 of 4 finalists)
Year: 2012
Design Team: Foster + Partners, Rafael de la Hoz, DOF Engineers

Foster + Partners was invited to participate in the competition of Architectural Ideas for the Remodeling of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The main aspects of the remodeling being the new roof and facades, resulting in the formal integration of the complex composed of the Stadium and the adjacent buildings and the relationship between these components and their immediate urban environment. The new proposed image should transform the complex of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and adjacent buildings into a modern architectural icon in Madrid, treating the complex as a sole architectural unit and establishing its relationship with the immediate urban environment. As a part of the requirements, the proposals for the roof and facades must guarantee that the works can be executed without any interruptions to ordinary operations at the Stadium. The feasibility of construction must be assured in the bid in order to meet this requirement.

DOF Engineers assisted Foster + Partners in the concept design for the erection sequence of their proposal of remodeling. Among the key issues in that sequence are dismantling of existing roof, using access towers as platforms for reducing size of members before lowering those to ground, the erection of the compression truss and the tightening of cables at end phase of structure erection. The result of the proposed erection sequence was a descriptive video that was produced in collaboration with  WAMB and submitted to Real Madrid football club as a part of Foster + Partners’ submitted documentation.


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