Location: Altea, Spain | Client: Private
Phase: Conceptual design
Year: 2013
Design Team: COR & Asociados, DOF Engineers

The resort is located in Altea, near Alicante in Spain. The plots are located adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, with a marina, beach and heliport. Beachfront & Pines has three different parts.

The first one is the plot nearest to the sea where you can find a luxury apartment building with 144 luxury living units with natural gardens, pools, parking and sport center. 

The second one creates 35 luxury villas each on private plots with parking, pool, and garden.

The last part includes a 4 or 5* suite hotel with garden, spa, pool, gym, restaurants, cafe, conference room and parking. Beachfront & Pines offer the opportunity to use a private port or marina where it is planned for a lounge restaurant and some commercial areas. There is also the possibility of building a heliport. The area of Altea is a one of most appreciated destination in Spain. Altea is located on Costa Blanca Coast, between Benidorm (11 kilometers) and Denia. Altea is known as one of the prettiest Costa Blanca towns and has a very Spanish feel to it, largely due to its interesting historic Old Town with narrow, cobbled streets.

It has been a heaven for painters, poets, musicians and photographers for more than 40 years as the streets and beaches provide plenty of inspiration. Altea is not as congested as some Costa Blanca villages and is perfect for a relaxing seaside holiday. There is a golf course and yacht club for sports lovers who want some more action.

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