Location: Breivoll, Oslo, Norway | Client: Oslo Kommune
Phase: Conceptual design
Year: 2013
Design Team: NUNO Arkitektur, Multiconsult, DOF Engineers

The design team of NUNO Arkitektur, Multiconsult and DOF Engineers were the competition winners for a new footbridge in Breivoll, Oslo.

The new footbridge crossing from Ole Deviks vei over the railway tracks and over Alna river to the east side of Smalvollveien can be divided in three different constructions:

The main crossing is a cable stayed bridge with one central pylon and two no symmetrical spans of 115m and 68m. The approach western bridge, from the western abutment to the connection with the cable stayed bridge, which is a continuous steel box girder bridge of 80m, with columns every 20m; the helical ramp that provide access from the east river bank to the bridge at its lowest point, nearby the pylon.

The bridge has a slight curvature in plan that provide a great experience for pedestrians and cyclists and caters focus on a particularly interesting part of the meanders and the river about 14 meters further down.

The deck is a continuous steel box girder, with a curved plate to form the underside, with a depth of 1,0 m. There will be transverse diaphragms and longitudinal stiffeners to make stiff enough the structure. Every 8 m there is a pair of cables anchored to both sides of the deck that transfer the load to the vertical pylon.

The central pylon is located at the center of the deck and has a diameter of 1,8m and an approximate height over the deck of 60m. The pylon is enlarged under the deck with a diameter of 2,5m.

The cables will be locked- coil type and will be arranged in a semi-fan configuration. There are 13 pairs of cables to support the front span and 8 pairs of cables to support the back span. The unbalanced is solved by means of two pair of backstays anchored to the rock at the east side, with a separation between them of 20m in order to provide stability to the tower.

Images © Nuno Arkitektur / Multiconsult / DOF Engineers

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