Location: Narvik, Norway | Client: Jerbaneverket
Phase: Constructed
Year: 2013
Design Team: Multiconsult, DOF Engineers

Sjøbakken bridge is a railway bridge in Narvik on the Fagernes train line. Heavy industrial trains pass over the bridge with high daily frequency.

DOF engineers, in collaboration with Multiconsult, has optimized the steel plate bridge and check in details both the nonlinear buckling behavior of the main girders and the fatigue calculations, in order to pass the third parties check.

Full 3D FEM model in Sofistik has been developed, to performe: static analysis, modal buckling analysis, full nonlinear analysis in order to provide to the checker all the necessary calculations to prove the bridge robustness and safety.

The FEM model has been used to optimize the bridge's plate thickness in order to improve cost efficiency and facilitate the manufacturing process.

In the following images the 3D model implemented in Sofistik is shown:

Von Mises stresses in steel plates under the worst ULS combination: 


Buckling behavior of the bridge under an incremental loading (the failure of the structure occur for a safety factor of 4.98) plot shows lateral deformation of mid-point in the girder at each load increment:

 Buckling behavior of the structure under incremental loading, Von Mises stresses and deformed contour:

Bridge erection sequence: 


Bridge in place: 

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