Location: Oslo, Norway | Client: Escalamy Invest
Phase: Built
Year: 2011
Design Team: Gunnar Andersen, SEED Workshop, DOF Engineers

The project involves adding an additional storey on the roof of an eight storey concrete building in Oslo originally built in 1933. The job includes verification of the existing and design of new structure.

The new structure consists in one level wood framed structure with approximate dimensions of 10 x 21 meters, plus the terraces. The new glulam columns were placed on top of the existing concrete walls in order to transfer the loads properly. The main flexural members were made with Glulam elements and the secondary elements by means of composite wood beams (type Ranti) with OSB boards on top. The necessary horizontal strength is provided by means of the existing concrete walls for the elevator shaft and additional wooden diaphragms.  

This way, we have designed a light but strong structure that can be used as an example for future enlargements without causing problems on the existing construction.

Images © Gunnar Andersen / DOF Engineers

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