Location: Bolzano, Italy | Client: Comune di Bolzano
Phase: International competition
Year: 2011
Design Team: OFL architecture, DOF Engineers, D. Molinari, R. Salomone, P. Tuttolomondo, MANENS spa

The concept for the new administrative building of the Bolzano's Province, born from a sculptural idea generated by the desire to establish continuity with the past of the city, reconstructing memories and place's spirit.

From this ideological assumption, the innovative study carried out on the skin/facade of the new organism recalls one of the iconographic symbols of the city, the Duomo.


In fact, the trend of the ribs of the great vaults “a crociera”, projected on the three naves, have permitted the extrapolation of the particular generator module of the new skin.


An integrated ideation process was set up by DOF, the architects and the MEP engineers, resulting in a "skin" that is the iconic shape of the building, the system of ducts that provides all services and an optimized main supporting structure.


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