Location: Tromsø, Norway | Client: Nordic Office of Architecture
Phase: Conceptual design
Year: 2012
Design Team: Nordic Office of Architecture, COWI, DOF Engineers

DOF Engineers assisted the architects and the engineers of the project to find a structural solution that would work for both architects and engineers.

The building is a patient hotel at Tromsø University Hospital. It is an 18 storey building with a total of 10 000m2, 210 hotel rooms, a restaurant area and 3 storeys of offices and meeting rooms at the top.

The bulding structure is based on a steel frame building with shear walls in concrete and hollow core precast slabs. 

DOF Engineers were requested to study alternative structural layouts, which were as much as posible in acordance with the architectural intention. A layout of the structure was proposed and agreed. Particular verifications were performed in order to justify a new shear wall layout. Specially relevant were the horizontal stability checks of the building.

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