Location: Sognefjord, Norway | Client: Multiconsult / Statens Vegvesen
Phase: Constructed
Year: 2012
Design Team: Multiconsult, WSP Sweden, WSP Finland, Barlindhaug Consult, Akvator, L2 Arkitekter, Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner and DOF Engineers

The Norwegian Public Roads Adminsitrations is commissioned to establish the potential for trade and industry, employement and settlement patterns of a coastal highway E39 with no ferry links, along the Norwegian coast, and to explore the technological concepts for fjord crossing.

The Norwegian Public Roads Adminsitration prequalified Multiconsult's team, as one of a total of six finalists, to propose bridges or submerged tunnels crossing the widest and deepest of the fjords; The Sognefjord. The fjord it about 3.7km wide and over a km deep. Multicsonult's team were finalists within the categories floating bridge, and submerged tunnel.

The task was to determine, at the conceptual level, whether it will be technically possible to build a fixed link across the Sognefjord and point out the most realistic solutions based on expected technological developments.



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