Location: Oslo, Norway | Client: Oslo Kommune
Phase: Under construction
Year: 2011-2012
Design Team: Solbjør Arkitektur, SEED Workshop, Landskapsfabrikken, DOF Engineers

DOF is designing for the City of Oslo a new suspension footbridge crossing a natural valley in Oslo. The bridge is part of the pedestrian path between residential areas in and around Smalvollveien and the forest east of Oslo (Østmarka). The cables are inside the decking giving it a “jungle bridge look”.

The simple suspended footbridge spans 36 meters over the small river-valley near Ytre Ringvei. It is 2 meters wide and has been designed with smooth slopes in order to facilitate the crossing. The main structural elements to support the deck are the 2x2 walkway locked coil cables, forming a gentle parabola between the two abutments.

A system of steel framing elements formed by crossbeams every 1,5m, edge L profiles and crossing diagonals has been designed in order to transfer the loads from the decking and railings to the main cables as well as providing the necessary horizontal stiffness to the system. This system will also facilitate the erection of the bridge, as the elements can be prefabricated in the shop, transported to site and placed in its final position without the help of large cranes, due to their lightness. This will minimize the impact on the natural environment.

The concrete abutments, stabilized with steel drilled micropiles act as permanent anchorages to compensate for the horizontal forces of the walkway cables and will transfer the load to the ground or the bedrock.

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