Location: Asker, Norway | Client: Asker Kommune / Hjellnes Consult
Phase: Built
Year: 2012-2013
Design Team: Solbjør Arkitektur, Hjellnes Consult, DOF Engineers

Asker Kommune plans to construct a building with a pumping system to get the water from a lake, and then produce artificial snow whenever it is required for the skiing slopes. The project includes two different buildings: (1) a technical building where the snow producing equipment will be placed plus (2) the pumping station with the pumping facilities to get the water from the lake.

The main building, the technical building, is a one storey building with basement designed entirely in reinforced concrete and partially buried in the rocky mountain slope. It is divided into three technical rooms: Traforom, Tavlerom and Pumperom. Under this Pumperom there is a basement receiving the pipe from the pumping station. The roof of the building is covered with a soil layer integrated with the surroinds, hence it is accessible for the public. The main entrance façade is covered with corten steelplates. 

The second building, the pumping station, is a rectangular one storey building with a deep basement below. This basement contains the entrance of the pipe that pumps water from the lake, and the exit of the pipe linking the technical building. The watertight basement consists of concrete walls and slabs completely buried in the ground. The ground floor consists of exposed concrete walls supporting the timber roof. This is covered with corten steel plates with the same modulation as the concrete walls formwork panels. 



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