Location: Tynset, Norway | Client: Municipality of Tynset
Phase: Conceptual Design
Year: 2012-2013
Design Team: Ola Grønn-Hagen, DOF Engineers

The footbridge crossing river Glåma is located in the Municipality of Tynset. The original idea of the design was to create a light pedestrian timber bridge integrated in the natural environment and landscape where it is placed.

The intermediate supports for the bridge will be built up on the existing isles in the river, that were the supports for a former bridge destroyed during the World War II.

The suspension bridge consists of a continuous timber truss deck with steel diagonals, suspended from catenary cables by means of vertical hangers. There are towers at each river bank, plus the two intermediate towers in the river. The bridge is divided into three spans approximately 30, 33 and 30m long.

The main structural components of the bridge are: the two main catenary cables, spiral strand type; the towers in the river sides consist of two timber posts plus a lintel joining the top of them, and the towers in the intermediate supports are similar but A shaped; the vertical hangers consist of steel bars suspended from the main cables. Regarding the timber truss deck, the frames form both vertical and horizontal trusses that are repeated in modules every 2.75m.

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