Location: E16 / Kistefoss, Norway | Client: Multiconsult / Statens Vegvesen
Phase: Preliminary design
Year: 2012-2014
Design Team: Multiconsult, Nuno, DOF Engineers

The bridge is an approximately 550m long signature road bridge crossing Randselva near Kistefoss. Preliminary design stage has narrowed down to two alternatives; one steel and one concrete option. DOF Engineers being engineers of the steel alternative, Multiconsult the concrete one. The steel alternative consists of a composite deck solution over concrete columns. The bridge has a constant horizontal radius of 1050 meters, and the depth of the deck construction varies and has a constant slope of 2.7%. The maximum height over the ground is about 50 meters.


The bridge deck is supported, in addition to the abutments in each end, on two intermediate V-shaped supports located symmetrically from the center of the bridge. The bridge deck is typically 5 meters deep, but is reinforced above these V-supports. The maximum depth at these locations is 10 meters. The main challenge is to span about 175m between one of the two V-supports and the southern abutment that bears on top of an inaccessible and unstable hill. That is a reason why V-shaped supports are used. These supports reduce the effective span. The erection is based on a steel deck with a constant depth of 5 meters which is incrementally launched, sliding over the supports. The deck cross section consists of a composite steel trapezoidal box, with a top concrete deck acting as the top flange and 3.25 meters long cantilevers each side of the section. 

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