Location: Ørje, Norway | Client: Multiconsult / Statens Vegvesen
Phase: Under construction
Year: 2012-2014
Design Team: Multiconsult, DOF Engineers

DOF Engineers have designed, in collaboration with Multiconsult, the new "Gateway of Norway". The bridge will clearly tell the travellers on the E18 high-way between Stockholm and Oslo that they have reached Norway.

Norgesporten Bridge in Ørje is a landmark wishing travellers welcome to Norway. The bridge is built for local traffic crossing the E18 highway, and is an illuminated steel bridge with a slender pylon which hopefully will impress the road-users when entering from Sweden.

The bridge is an 80m long painted box girder bridge with an asymmetrical cross section and a 52m tall pylon. The pylon is supported in three directions by cable-stays, which allows for a slender design. The pylon has a circular cross section with a varying optimized diameter (max. Ø2m). In plan view the bridge deck has a 60m horizontal radius, and is supported on the outer edge by cable-stays which transfers the forces to the pylon. The bridge is composed by two lanes for car traffic, and a track for pedestrian/cycles. The pylon is placed a few meters from outer edge of the deck, the two structures are independent. The cables cross each other in the same plane, creating an exciting complex shape and volume.  

Originally the idea of the design was to place the mast next to the inner edge at the centre of gravity of the bridge, but due to a decreased bridge length and road geometry the mast was moved to the outer edge.

The bridge clearly marks the crossing of the boarder and it will, due to the flat landscape, be visible from far away, something that also was part of the basis of the design. The deck is illuminated from the underside, hence it will be clearly defined for the travellers going under the bridge.

 Images © DOF Engineers

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