Degree of Freedom, in collaboration with WSP Sweden, Nuno arkitektur and Sting (mechanics), won the bridge design competition in Norrtälje in Sweden, and are extremely honored. "Ingenious in its simplicity" states the jury.



We are proud to say that we participated Mestres Wåge / MX_SI’s winning proposal for a new green transportation hub, including redesign of plaza, at Trygve Lies Square on Furuset in Oslo. The competition is a Nordic Built Cities Challenge and the client is Oslo kommune.


The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), with the structural consultancy of DOF,  has terminated the construction of a Barn in Nes. The project is part of the SCARCITY AND CREATIVITY STUDIO (SCS). The studio’s aim is to develop and build a timber barn and expose students to the full architectural process, from interacting with the clients to building their designs.



We are happy and proud to announce that Degree of Freedom on team with SAAHA, Lala and Gether is the winner of the competition for the development of Nydalsveien 32B - Nydalen in Oslo! The project is a FutureBuilt competition with ambitious objectives for both the urban environment, architecture, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy.



Degree of Freedom has, in collaboration with WSP Sweden, designed the 77,6m long pedestrian bridge Västerbron/Munktellbron across the Eskilstuna river adjacent to Munktellstaden in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Finally the steel parts are arriving to site! Bridge opening is planned for October this year. Read more



In competition with another 15 engineering firms, Degree of freedom, in collaboration with Incimed, has won the Serelles Bridge competition in Alcoy, Spain. The bridge is 90 m long and spans at a height of 30m over the Cint gorge. It includes 2 car lanes, sidewalks and a cycle path. The design work is planned to start in March 2016. The contract includes both bridge design and site management during construction.


Degree of Freedom, together with WSP Sweden and Nuno arkitektur, has been chosen by the City of Norrtälje in Sweden to be one of four to design a proposal for the new movable pedestrian bridge across the Norrtälje harbour. 


Degree of Freedom has been shortlisted by the City of Copenhagen together with our fellow team members Holscher Nordberg Architecture and Planning, NUNO Arkitektur, ÅF Lighting, Marianne Levinsen Landscape and Holscher Design for the competition for the design of a new Folehaven pedestrian and cycle bridge. The bridge will cross the main south western access road to Copenhagen, combining the bike path and park areas running along the small Harrestrup river. Our team is up against strong competition from the likes of Buro Happold, Schlaich Bergermann, COWI and Atkins. 


Degree of Freedom has designed, in collaboration with Multiconsult, the pedestrian bridge at Steinberg stasjon and culvert in Rødgata (Drammen, Norway). The bridge will open September 2015, and the culvert during the summer 2016. Read more.


Degree of Freedom is part of one of the six selected teams that will be
involved in the parallel assignment to develop planning concepts for the new
Government quarter (Regjeringskvartalet) in Oslo, Norway. The team leader is
MVRDV, and other team members are SAAHA, Arup, Lala Tøyen, Migrant, iark and
Hovind. In total 24 No. teams participated in the competition. More info


Oil and Energy minister Tord Lien (FRP) opened the dam at Sarvsfossen in Bykle. http://www.nrk.no/sorlandet/apnet-stort-damanlegg-i-setesdal-1.11979876


DOF Engineers pre-qualifies as Multiconsult's sub-consultant as one of five finalists for the Sluppen bridge competition in Trondheim, Norway. Other team members are Knight Architects and Faveo.


Degree of Freedom pre-qualifies as one of seven finalists in the design competition for the new Life Science building at the University of Oslo, Norway, together with Arkitema, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Link Landskap og EKJ Rådgivende ingeniør. 32 international and multidisciplinary teams participated in the competition.


Helen & Hard + SAAHA are the winning architects of the design competition of the SR-Bank building in Stavanger. Degree of Freedom participates on the team as structural engineers. Other collaborators on the team are interior architects IARK and energy advisors SMI. http://www.arkitektur.no/helen-hard-saaha-vant-sr-bank


DOF Engineers participated together with Gether AS (energy) on SAAHA’s team in the competition for the new City Hall of Bodø, in the north of Norway. 100 teams entered the competition, and although our team did not win, we are proud to announce that we received “honourable mention”.


Together with SAAHA, Landskapsfabrikken and Multiconsult, Degree of Freedom is commissioned for a parallel assignment for Åssiden Utvikling AS in Drammen, Norway. The assignment is to do the urban develop of Åssiden.


Degree of Freedom will, as part of Multiconsult’s team, design the new city bridge of Flekkefjord. Two alternatives will be designed; one fixed and one mobile. The client is the Norwegian Public Road’s Authority. The bridge is a road bridge and the second bridge to be designed by Multiconult and DOF in Flekkefjord.


The team of SAAHA, Landskapsfabrikken and Degree of Freedom pre-qualifies for the design of a railway crossing and public realm scheme in Jessheim, just outside of Oslo. The competition proposal will investigate two options for links below or over the railway line, connecting the old city with new developments in the east, as well as providing associated squares. The team competes with four other finalists who were chosen from 24 teams applying to be pre-qualified. The submission will be made in March.


Felice Allievi has been interviewed for an article on the web page italiansinfuga.com.



DOF Engineers pre-qualifies as one of the finalists in the design competition for the new Statoil office in Stavanger, Norway, together with Helen & Hard, Saaha, Landskapsfabrikken og SMI Gruppen. Statoil received close to 50 prequalification applications for the limited competition for the new office at Forus West. The applicants had a wide range in company size, geographical location and architectural 'schools', and there were many highly qualified teams. The other four selected teams are Foster + Partners together with Space Group, OMA, Windgårds and Snøhetta.



«What the ...... should I do with robots! This is what I like, music, garden, a nice architecture»

This funny quote an old Roman women said visiting us, summarizes the St Horto effect at the Maker Faire Rome. St Horto saw the light at Palazzo delle Esposizioni Eur this October from 3 to 6 with over 30.ooo people that visited the venue. People appreciated the strong idea behind St Horto creating a perfect sinergy between architecture, nature, music and social technologies. Thanks to a musical software and Arduino, it creates in real time a musical composition starting from a single tune that will be worked out automatically according to homothetic principles".

Video: http://youtu.be/uHAUTja4F2M

web information: www.sthorto.tumblr.com


DOF Engineers pre-qualifies as one of five finalists in the design competition for the new Sparebank1 office in Stavanger, Norway, together with Helen & Hard, Saaha og Iark.


Felice Allievi collaborate to develope the new published technical book "Cataclismi e Ricostruzione: Scienza e Tecnica" (Cataclysms and Reconstruction: Science and Technology) written by Paolo Allievi. The book is divided into two parts, in the first "Science" are analyzed some large environmental impact of natural phenomena such as tsunamis, hurricanes, and the fall of meteorites. In the second "Technology" are analyzed some technological processes of strong economic and social impact such as the electric Blackout, large infrastructures and electromagnetic pollution. 


DOF Engineers participates with Multiconsult and WSP at the 6th International Symposium on Strait Crossings. Birger Opgård (Multiconsult) presented a paper about a chained floating bridge concept co-written by Felice Allievi


The City of Gothenburg has pre-qualified DOF Engineers together with WSP and Snøhetta Architects as one of five teams to participate in the competition for the design of a new bridge over the Göta River, Gothenburg’s most important transport link across the river. Other finalists are companies such as Zaha Hadid, Dissing, Leonhardt and Wilkinson Eyre. The aim of the competition brief is to design a new connection that will replace the existing bridge across the river for bus and tram traffic and for pedestrians, bicycles and cars. The construction of the new connection will be ambitious with regard to design and sustainable development and will form part of an urban route between Gothenburg Central Station and the Backaplan area.


Following DOF researches on new bridge’s typologies, Felice Allievi has been supervising the Master Thesis written by Brion L. M. Caguiat and entitled “Design and analysis of chained floating bridge”. The Thesis has been developed under the responsibility of Professor Arne Aalberg from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).


Felice Allievi gives talk at “samferdsel og infrastruktur” in Multiconsult, titled "Ny i Norge: Challenges and experiences from an Italian engineer in Multiconsult".  


We are proud to announce that we are selected to second stage of the Nordic built challenge in a sustainable building renovation competition for the Posthuset building.

The wooden addition to existing building enhance its functionality, makes it smart and aesthetically appealing, a building in the best of the Nordic design traditions. The proposed wooden structure is tha tallest timber structure in the world.


Gaute Mo gives lecture in singular structures for architectural students at the University of Alicante.


Gaute Mo receives in London the John Henry Garrood King Medal by the Institute of Civil Engineers (UK) for co-writing the paper "Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland". The medal is awarded annually for the best paper published by ICE on tunnels, soil mechanics or bridges.


DOF´s bridge Gateway to Norway on the evening news (NRK Østfold). More info


Gaute Mo gives talk at Nordic Steel Bridge Day in Stockholm.


Gaute Mo presents article at the Nordic Steel Construction Conference in Oslo.


The Flekkefjord bridge on the evening news (NRK Nyheter Sørlandet) - Minute 9:43. More info


DOF Engineers on the cover of Stålbyggnad. More info


DOF Engineers on the cover of Firda in relation to the proposed alternatives for new pedestrian bridge in Naustdal.


The partners of DOF Engineers give talk about "Innovative Bridge Design" at the Norwegian Association for Steel Construction. More info


Gaute Mo is awarded John Henry Garrood King Medal by the Institute of Civil Engineers (UK) for co-writing the paper "Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland"


Article co-written by Gaute Mo is nominated for "best published article" by ICE in 2011.


DOF Engineers wins, together with Nuno Arkitektur and Multiconsult, bridge design competition in Flekkefjord.


DOF Engineers pre-qualifies as Multiconsult sub-consultant as one of five finalists for the Sluppen Bridge in Trondheim, Norway. Other chosen finalists are copanies like Arup, Buro Happold, Ramboll UK and COWI.


DOF Engineers and Multiconsult sign road design collaboration agreement.


DOF Engineers is commissioned to design signature pedestrian bridge in Naustdal, Norway.


DOF Engineers’ two offices in Oslo and Valencia are now up and running.


DOF Engineers pre-qualifies as one of three finalists for bridge design competition in Sarpsborg, Norway.


DOF Engineers and Multiconsult sign bridge design collaboration agreement.


Article co-written by Gaute Mo published in ICE Proceedings.


The City of Oslo appoints DOF Engineers to design park, river and bridges.


Article co-written by Gaute Mo published in Russian engineering magazine AMOST.


The City of Oslo appoints DOF Engineers to design new pedestrian bridge.


Samuel Beckett Bridge voted Engineering Project of the Year in Ireland.


Gaute Mo speaks at the Norwegian Public Road Authority’s Bridge Conference.


Article co-written by Gaute Mo is presented at IABSE conference in Venice.


Gaute Mo gives lecture at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.


Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, Ireland, opens.


Vollan Pedestrian Bridge on Kvikne, Norway, opens.

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