Degree of Freedom is an international civil and structural engineering practice with offices in Oslo, Valencia and Athens. We design bridges, buildings and special structures, in timber, steel, and concrete. We are architecture oriented and innovative.
Woodrise 2019 conference

Woodrise 2019 conference

Date : 28 September, 2019
Are you in Quebec this coming week for the Woodrise 2019 conference ( Don’t miss Mario Rando’s talk about the...
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Sparebank1 SR-Bank’s new HQ.

Sparebank1 SR-Bank’s new HQ.

Date : 12 August, 2019
The timber staircase at, SpareBank1 SR-Bank‘s new HQ, almost finished. Degree of Freedom, Helen & Hard, SAAHA AS, Creation...
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Innovative signature building

Innovative signature building

Date : 30 July, 2019
Read about Degree of Freedom and the Samling project in Nord Odal kommune. In collaboration with Helen&Hard, Creation Holz, Ø.M. Fjeld,...
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Nailing timber seminar

Nailing timber seminar

Date : 9 April, 2019
Today Degree of Freedom held a seminar on complex timber structures for architects, developers and collaborators. Degree of Freedom presented...
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